Welcome to Brookestone Goldens

Brookestone Goldens is a natural rearing breeder, dedicated to a holistic lifestyle and to bettering the Golden Retriever breed. Natural rearing and holistic breeders feed an appropriate species diet. Brookestone Goldens are raw fed, unvaccinated, and free from toxins and other harmful substances. We are confident our puppies will live a long and healthy life.

Brookestone Goldens, a family owned and operated natural rearing breeder, breeds healthy golden retrievers. All of our dogs are well-cared for, loved, and well socialized. We raise them alongside our zoo of kids and cats!

A holistic approach to breeding naturally reared golden retrievers

Established in 2021, Brookestone Goldens was born out of owner and naturally rearing breeder Marissa Alesi’s love and passion for Golden Retrievers! Marissa spent countless hours educating herself on the breed, researching the perfect golden retrievers to start this journey with, and how to use a species appropriate diet to help ensure the health and longevity of her dogs. Brookestone Goldens believes it is in every dog’s best interest to be raw fed and unvaccinated, eliminating toxins and other harmful substances from their bodies. 

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We Keep in Touch

At Brookestone Goldens, we aim to provide you with exceptional customer service and a happy, healthy naturally-reared puppy. We loved them first, and it warms our heart to receive photos and updates from our puppy parents.

Lifetime Support

We are committed to our puppies and their families. We work to develop lasting relationships, offer lifetime support and advice, and will help ensure a smooth transition and a happy life for families and their furbabies.

Raw Feeding

Our dogs are raised on raw. Learn more about raw feed, including the benefits and helpful resources. We will work very closely with you to help educate and prepare you before you pick up your puppy.