Meet the Brookestone Goldens Team

Holistic Dog Breeders


Marissa Alesi is an owner and principal breeder at Brookestone Goldens. She has had a passion for animals her entire life. Marissa fell in love with Golden Retrievers at a young age and set a goal to one day become a holistic dog breeder.

Marissa lives in Chester County, PA with her wife Ang, 4 children, 5 dogs and 2 cats. She looks forward to welcoming many more naturally reared and raw fed puppies!

Angelia Alesi is an owner/breeder at Brookestone Goldens, a holistic dog breeder. The short story is Ang and Marissa fell in love. Marissa lived in a zoo full of children and animals. And now, Ang happily lives at their zoo in Chester County, PA.

Ang is originally from Long Island, NY and is a natural when it comes to breeding.

The Puppy Squad

Meet our Stud, Sonic!

Sonic is Marissa’s very best friend! He is quite the cuddler. Truth be told, he is an empath in a dog’s body. Sonic is quite in tune with his family’s emotions. He is also a huge goofball who aims to please and loves toys. Sonic enjoys playing ball for hours and hours.


Meet our Dam, Rouge!

Rouge is sassy! Actually, she is hysterical. She is always talking to us and making us laugh. Rouge is absolutely amazing with kids, enjoys other animals and is a natural therapy dog. We just love her!.


Dam in waiting, Liberty!

Such soulful eyes! Liberty is a little rascal, running around the yard with her toys for hours on end! She loves kids and has a great disposition. She likes to learn from her older siblings.



Banana (Dam)

Banana is a wiggle worm! She is also a ball hog. Her favorite pastime is laying on her back and having her belly rubbed or putting her head on your lap. She is also great on a leash, making it easy for her smaller human brothers to take her on walks.